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CAS Doors 'n Drawers & So Much More!

Who are we?

CAS Doors 'n Drawers is a small independent family company specialising in transforming tired kitchens and bedroom units into ones to be proud of.  We are dedicated to providing complete satisfaction for our customers based in Doncaster and district.

What is a kitchen?  There are many definitions of the word, but basically a kitchen is a room or an area set aside for the cooking and preparation of food.  Typically, a modern residential kitchen is equipped with a stove/cooker (with hobs and an oven), a sink (with hot and cold running water), a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets arranged according to a modular design.  Many households will also have a microwave oven, a dishwasher and other electric appliances.  The main function of a kitchen is for preparing and cooking food but it may also be used for dining, food storage, dishwashing, laundry and entertaining.  In years gone by, the kitchen tended to be the hub of family life, and in many instances it still is.  A major part of your growing years used to be spent in the kitchen; it was the room shared by everyone.  There was always something happening in that room, apart from the preparation of meals, such as socialising, discussions and the resolution of family problems, and it still seems to be the communal area when friends and relations call.  It is the room that has the most use, with cabinet doors and drawers being constantly opened and closed.  Consequently ordinary kitchen units tend to need replacing on a regular 7 - 10 year cycle.

If you already have quality kitchen units such as Bella, Pronto and Zurfiz by BA then you probably won't be contemplating changing the look of the heart of your home right now, but if you don't then look no further than CAS Doors 'n Drawers.  We can transform the appearance of your kitchen and breathe new life into it at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.  Why rip out those parts of your units, i.e. the carcases, if they are still perfectly serviceable?  Our engineers can call on you, free of charge, at any time that is convenient and advise you of what needs renewing or replacing.  In most cases you can leave the contents of your cupboards on the shelves while we replace and rehang your exceptional new doors.

All doors and drawers supplied by CAS Doors 'n Drawers are precision made to measure by our UK manufacturer, BA Components, based locally in Doncaster, South Yorkshire..

Why choose CAS Doors 'n Drawers? There are many reasons to choose us above our competitors, not least being what we offer:

  • Completely free home visits to discuss and assess your specific requirements.
  • Expert, friendly and honest advice on what needs to be replaced and what can be kept.
  • Free quotation - note that word - QUOTATION - not ESTIMATE!!!!
  • Free Fitting with no mess.
  • Quality precision made to measure products from the number 1 UK manufacturer, BA Components, who supplies the major companies in the UK, with our discount passed on to you.

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